Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Buy CBD Oil?


    Medical marijuana cards are becoming somewhat fashionable in the USA at the moment; by going to the doctor and complaining of a few specific conditions, you can easily get your hands on a medical marijuana card that enables you to buy marijuana legally in one of thirty-three different states.

    However, even though it is exceedingly popular to do so, there are still plenty of people who struggle with completely understanding what you can and cannot get with a medical marijuana card.

    One such product that inspires a good deal of confusion is CBD oil – it is made from cannabis, so is it also controlled by medical marijuana cards in the same way as regular marijuana?

    How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card & Why Would You Get One?

    The first thing to know is how exactly you go about getting a medical marijuana card.

    The problem with answering this question is that there is a variety of answers depending on where you live in the USA.

    Although medical marijuana is legal in thirty-three states, there are still varying legalities around getting a medical marijuana card depending on your location. For example, California is famous for being a state with incredibly lax laws around medical marijuana, pretty much allowing you to obtain a medical marijuana card by going to a clinic by the beach and saying you have a headache.

    However, other states have stricter laws, requiring thorough documentation and aggressive interrogation by doctors, all trying to determine whether or not you truly need the marijuana that you are claiming.

    It is true, however, that there are a few pieces of advice that are true regardless of what state you are living in and trying to obtain a medical marijuana card.

    For starters, make sure you have all of your documentation on hand. If you are trying to obtain medical marijuana for a specific condition, it can be really helpful to make sure that you have all the evidence on hand to demonstrate that you do in fact need the herb, as well as evidence that marijuana does work to treat your condition.

    Secondly, make sure that you always act courteous and respectful to your doctor – in some states, it is completely up to the doctor to decide if you are worthy of receiving a medical marijuana card and, if you go into your appointment acting aggressive or otherwise rude, then you are at risk of being summarily rejected on that basis alone.

    Thirdly, and this is perhaps most important; make sure that you remember that you can always get another appointment.

    If you get rejected by your doctor, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, as you can always book another appointment at a separate clinic somewhere else and try it again. Who knows? You might have just gotten unlucky and had a singularly unhelpful, anti-marijuana doctor.

    Once you do finally get hold of your medical marijuana card, however, are you going to need it to purchase CBD oil? Or can you just leave your medical marijuana card at home when you are off to get CBD oil?

    You Don’t Need a Medical Marijuana Card; However…

    Despite the fact that CBD oil is still made from cannabis, it is actually considered a food supplement product in the USA. This means that it is regarded as a nutritional supplement by the Food and Drug Administration and the federal government, meaning that it does not require any kind of special license or medical approval to purchase.

    You can actually find CBD in regular high street stores, commonly sold near the vitamins and nutritional supplements, being advertised as some kind of general, all-purpose “health boost.”

    For more reliable CBD products, you can go online and find one of the many CBD retailers that exist on the internet, all seeking to provide the best quality CBD oil possible.

    In fact, it is far better an idea to stick to the online retailers, as there is actually more than one single type of CBD oil, and if you get CBD oil at a retail store, your chances of getting the wrong thing go up significantly.

    There Are Different Kinds of CBD Oil!

    Although CBD oil might seem just like CBD oil, there are actually a variety of different types of CBD oil, some of which are far more powerful and effective than anything else.

    For example, one common mistake people make when buying CBD oil is to pick up the first product at the health store that they see that has the words “CBD,” “hemp”, or anything similar on it. If you don’t do your research to know what you are getting, you might find yourself picking up hemp seed oil, which is literally nothing more than a seed extract oil, similar to olive oil, only it is made from hemp.

    Many stores market their hemp seed oil as containing CBD when they actually do not contain any whatsoever. For the best assurance that what you are buying is actually CBD oil, it is best to try and look at online retailers that provide up to date, accurate lab reports.

    These lab reports allow you to see exactly what is in their CBD oil, including their cannabinoid content and any and all terpenes.

    What’s more, there is also a difference between full spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate, something that you will not understand unless either a doctor recommends one or the other, or if you do your research.

    CBD isolate is nothing more than 99% pure CBD suspended within inert oil, whereas full spectrum CBD oil also contains other cannabinoids, like CBC and CBA, along with additional terpenes and other compounds. Certain conditions benefit from taking either CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD oil, while many CBD users have their own individual preference as well.

    All of these tiny differences and myopic contrasts make looking for the right kind of CBD oil rather difficult.

    Luckily, if you really don’t want to have to research and find out exactly which is the kind of CBD oil for you, you can actually use your medical marijuana card to your benefit.

    How Could a Medical Marijuana Card Help With Getting CBD?

    Now, it is important to stress that you do not need a medical marijuana card to get CBD oil – as mentioned, you can simply buy it online without any kind of identification.

    However, for those that struggle with trying to find the right kind of CBD oil, you can actually use your medical marijuana card to get some CBD.

    If you own a medical marijuana card, you are able to visit a medical dispensary, a place that is guaranteed to possess high-quality marijuana products as mandated by the government. This means that you can simply walk into your local dispensary and ask for help in trying to find the right kind of CBD product.

    It could be that they recommend you to get some CBD-rich Marijuana that contains little to no THC, or they might just stock a healthy quantity of available CBD Oil or CBD Gummies.

    The key thing here is that, because you have a medical marijuana card, you can use it to get advice from industry experts and qualified retailers of marijuana products so as to ensure you don’t make a wrong move and get the wrong thing.

    Though it is pretty easy to learn what you need to know to get the right kind of CBD oil, some people struggle with trying to make a decision on something that they don’t know anything about.

    Thankfully, your medical marijuana card allows you access into a world of professionals who know about all things marijuana.

    Final Thoughts on Whether You Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Buy CBD Oil

    The ultimate answer concerning getting a medical marijuana card to buy CBD oil is that you don’t need one whatsoever. There is nothing stopping you going online and purchasing the very first CBD oil brand that you see.

    However, in an effort to try and make sure you get the very best product possible, if you already have a medical marijuana card you can use it to get special advice from marijuana dispensaries and even your local physician – after all, not everyone can be expected to be a marijuana expert just because they need to use it as a medicinal treatment.

    So, if you are struggling with trying to decide between all of the hundreds of different types of CBD oils on offer as well as the countless brands that all seem to be claiming the same thing, then head to your local dispensary and ask for their advice, or simply speak to your doctor about what product would be best for you.

    If, however, you feel confident to do it yourself, you can leave your medical marijuana card at home and simply go out and buy some CBD oil – thankfully, the government doesn’t consider it the same as marijuana, so it is pretty much entirely unregulated, leaving you free to get whatever you want, whenever you want.

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