How Do I Get A North Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

The following information on how to get a North Carolina medical card is speculative because the program still needs to be signed into law. However, it seems the process will be as follows:

Consult With a North Carolina Medical Marijuana Doctor

According to SB3, a North Carolina medical cannabis doctor must be in good standing to practice medicine in the state, have a valid DEA registration, and have completed 10 hours of continuing professional education on the uses, benefits, and risks of medical cannabis. They must also complete an additional three hours of training each year after that.

Furthermore, North Carolina medical cannabis doctors cannot be employed by or have a financial interest in any medical cannabis business.

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Complete Your NC MMJ Card Application

It is currently unclear whether patients will have to complete additional paperwork to apply for a NC MMJ card, or whether the physician’s certification will suffice. However, according to SB3, applications will be reviewed within 45 days of receipt, and a registry card will be issued within 14 days of approval.


Visit a State-Licensed Dispensary

Once a card is issued, patients can visit their nearest dispensary and buy legal, state-licensed MMJ products. The physician will recommend a purchasing limit as well as an administration method.

Unfortunately, as with other new MMJ programs, dispensary licenses will likely take a while to be issued. Therefore, NC residents may face a long wait to purchase medical marijuana legally, even once they receive their MMJ card.

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How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in North Carolina
- A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Ensure you are eligible for the program and have one of the qualifying conditions listed below
  • Find an NC-based physician willing to certify you for medical marijuana
  • Apply to the state program
  • Wait for approval
  • Receive your MMJ card and visit a licensed dispensary

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Card Qualifying Conditions

To apply for a medical marijuana card in NC, you must:

  • Be a resident of North Carolina
  • Have a debilitating medical condition (see below)
  • Be over 18 or have a parent/legal guardian act as primary caregiver

 Patient Qualifying Conditions

According to SB3, the NC medical marijuana card qualifying conditions will include the following:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • ALS
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • PTSD (subject to evidence of a traumatic event)
  • MS
  • Cachexia/wasting syndrome
  • Severe or persistent nausea in persons who are not pregnant, related to end-of-life or hospice care, or in persons who are bedridden or homebound because of the condition
  • Terminal illness with a life expectancy of under six months
  • Conditions requiring hospice care
  • Any other serious condition or its treatment added by the Compassionate Use Advisory Board

General Guidelines

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in North Carolina

The renewal process currently needs to be clarified. Patients will likely need to be recertified by a physician and renew their MMJ cards annually.

Caregiver Rules

It is possible to designate a caregiver to assist in purchasing, transporting, and administering medical cannabis. Furthermore, patients under 18 must have a parent or guardian act as primary caregiver to qualify for the program. Caregivers must be at least 21 unless they are a parent or legal guardian to the person they assist.

Each patient can nominate a maximum of two caregivers, and caregivers may act on behalf of a maximum of two patients.

A Brief History of Cannabis in North Carolina

Like most of the United States, North Carolina banned the use of marijuana in the 1930s. It remained illegal until 1977, when the state decriminalized personal possession. However, there were no further developments for decades.

In 2014, lawmakers attempted to introduce a medical marijuana bill but failed to pass the House. Since then, there have been several more unsuccessful attempts to get a program off the ground.

Finally, in 2023, SB3, the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, passed the House. It seems that residents of the Old North State will finally have access to medical marijuana in the next few years.

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Laws and Rules

Currently, possessing under half an ounce is a misdemeanor with a $200 fine as the punishment. Meanwhile, possessing between half and 1.5 ounces is a misdemeanor, with up to 45 days imprisonment and a $200 fine as the possible punishment. Possessing more than this amount is a felony with a potential prison term of up to eight months.

Selling or cultivating any amount of cannabis is a felony with a potential 4–8 months imprisonment as the punishment. The sentence could rise to 39 months if you are caught selling over 10 pounds.

What Types of Cannabis Products Can I Purchase in North Carolina?

Not all states allow MMJ patients to smoke or vape their medicine, and it is unclear whether North Carolina will follow this trend. However, it seems likely that other consumption methods will be permitted, including:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Concentrated liquid or oil
  • Liquid suspension
  • Topical and transdermal preparations
  • Sublingual preparations
  • Gelatinous cubes
  • Lozenges

The recommending physician determines the most appropriate dosage form for each patient.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy & Possess?

NC MMJ patients will be allowed to possess an “adequate supply” of cannabis, as determined by their physician. They may not possess more than is reasonably necessary to ensure an uninterrupted 30-day supply.

Where Can I LEGALLY Purchase MMJ in NC?

SB3 provides for up to 10 MMJ suppliers, which can each operate up to eight dispensaries. Therefore, the state will eventually have as many as 80 licensed dispensaries. However, realistically, it will take months for licenses to be issued, meaning that patients may face long waits or have to travel to buy their medicine legally.

There has been a recent interesting development. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (ECBI) looks set to offer MMJ to eligible patients within the Qualla Boundary. It seemed as if sales were about to begin, but there has been a delay. Therefore, we’re unsure if or when the ECBI will proceed with its plan to sell medical marijuana in North Carolina.

Can I Take My MMJ to a Different State?

It is not possible to transport cannabis across state lines, even with a valid MMJ card. This is because it is still a federally illegal substance. It is unclear whether North Carolina will have reciprocity with other states.

FAQ About Getting an MMJ Card in NC

How Long Does It Take to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in North Carolina?

SB3 suggests that applications will be reviewed within 45 business days of submission, and cards will be issued within 14 days of approval. Therefore, it could take approximately two months to get an MMJ card in NC.

What If I Don’t Get Approved After My Consultation with a North Carolina MMJ Physician?

Here at MMJ Card Online, we have a very high approval rate. However, we offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not approved.

How Much Does a Medical Card Cost in North Carolina?

According to SB3, the medical marijuana card cost in NC will be no more than $50. However, you must also pay physician’s fees, which can run into hundreds of dollars. Contact us to see whether we could save you money and help you get your NC medical marijuana card today.

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