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    Thanks to the Medical Marijuana Act (also known as Ballot Question 9) that was passed in November 2000, medical cannabis is legal in Nevada. Although the law was passed nearly 20 years ago, the Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders program only became operational in 2015. Now, four years later, it’s flourishing as more people are finding significant medical relief from using cannabis.

    Back in 2016 Ballot Question 2 was passed, which legalized recreational marijuana use in Nevada and helped the medical marijuana community tremendously. Public support for marijuana is at an all-time high, paving the way for massive program improvements.

    Medical marijuana patients and caregivers have an easier application process, increased access to marijuana, improved cultivation rights, and more. Today, you can easily become a medical marijuana patient entirely online thanks to NuggMD Nevada.

    In other words, there is no need to wait in long unnecessary lines to apply. Instead, you can submit your application from the comfort of your own home. In this complete NuggMD Nevada review, we check out how the online program works, how much it costs, and what you’ll need to have gathered up before you call to get your card.

    Benefits of Getting a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card with Nugg MD

    Every Nevada NuggMD MMJ-approved person gets a medical marijuana card that will give them some privileges that aren’t available to recreational cannabis users. For instance, an MMJ card will exclude you from Nevada’s unique law that prohibits the cultivation of marijuana within 25 miles of a dispensary. However, you are still limited to only growing 12 plants per property.

    Here are a few of the other benefits of getting your Nevada MMJ card with NuggMD:

    • Ability to purchase and possess 2.5 oz of concentrates and cannabis flower, or 10,000 mg of edibles every 14 days. Recreational users are limited to 1 oz of flower or ⅛ of concentrates
    • Exemption from the 10% retail excise tax which means that you will always pay less for cannabis
    • The option to apply for a 2-year card rather than the standard one year
    • Ability to use medical marijuana at the age of 18. If you’re younger, a parent or guardian will need to sign a release form

    Wondering How to Get a NuggMD MMJ Card in Nevada?

    NuggMD is no doubt the fastest, easiest, most secure way to get your medical marijuana card without having to visit an evaluation center. The company operates in California and New York, and have only recently added Nevada to their list. According to their website, they have served over 500,000 patients across New York and California and are finally available to help Nevada medical marijuana patients get the same easy access to medical cannabis.

    Let’s take a look at what it takes to get your hands on a NuggMD MMJ card in Nevada.

    Qualifying Conditions

    To qualify as a Nevada medical marijuana patient, you must be diagnosed with one of the following debilitating or chronic conditions:

    • AIDS
    • Cancer
    • PTSD
    • Severe pain
    • Severe nausea
    • Glaucoma
    • Seizures (including epilepsy)
    • Persistent muscle spasms (including multiple sclerosis)
    • Cachexia
    • Additional conditions that have been specifically approved by the Department of Health and Human Services

    Medical Marijuana Recommendation

    The first step is to get an evaluation from a medical doctor to determine if you qualify for an MMJ card based on the above medical conditions. Thanks to NuggMD in Nevada, you now have the option to see a certified doctor by using video conferencing from any device. The goal of each doctor is to provide you with a friendly and informative experience.

    If the doctor approves your condition, he or she will provide you with the necessary paperwork, as well as the “attending healthcare provider statement” that you will need to include in your online application. You will also need to submit a copy of your Nevada drivers license or ID along with the cardholder application, acknowledgement pages, and waiver.

    How NuggMD Works in Nevada

    NuggMD Nevada offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your hands on a medical marijuana card in Nevada. As per the website, there are three easy steps and these consist of the following:

    • Step 1 – Create an account: This is quick and easy, and you will just be required to provide some basic personal health information and upload a valid U.S issued identification.
    • Step 2 – Speak with a doctor: You can meet face-to-face with any of their Nevada licensed doctors online at any time to get your doctor’s recommendation.
    • Step 3 – Get your certification: Once you are approved by the doctor you will get a certificate of approval and detailed instructions as to your next steps to access medical marijuana through Nevada dispensaries.

    Nevada NuggMD MMJ Card Application Fees

    Your Nevada NuggMD medical marijuana evaluation will cost you $79 for a one-year recommendation, or $99 for a two-year recommendation. However, this cost does not include the fees that are charged by the state of Nevada once your application has been approved.

    In addition, the state will charge $50 for a one-year recommendation and $100 for a two-year recommendation. You will pay the additional fees directly to the state once you complete your application in the Nevada Medical Marijuana port on the NuggMD site.

    In total, you can expect to pay $129 for one year ($79 to NuggMD and $50 to the state) and $199 for two years ($99 to NuggMD and $100 to the state) when doing your application through NuggMD.

    What is the NuggMD Refund Policy?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, NuggMD will provide you with a full refund within 30 days. Simply send an email to with the subject “refund request” as well as a brief description of your problem.

    However, keep in mind that when you request a refund your certification will be deactivated and you won’t be able to use your certification legally at any dispensary as it will show up as invalid. It will take 3 to 5 working days to process the refund once it has been initiated.

    Reasons Why NuggMD Nevada May Reject a Patient Application

    The most common reason applications get rejected with NuggMD Nevada is that they’re simply incomplete. If this is the case, you are able to apply again but be advised that you will need to repay the application fee. Also, the great thing about NuggMD is that their support team will review and double check your application if you ask them to.

    Another reason that your application could be rejected with NuggMD Nevada is if you have a commercial driver’s license (drive for a living), or a serious criminal conviction (not a simple drug possession charge). If you have any queries regarding your legal qualifications, you can contact the Nevada MMJ Registry at (775) 687-7594.

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