How Do I Get a South Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

Not much effort has been made to legalize marijuana in South Carolina, and lawmakers aren’t seeming to budge on the matter. One of the most recent pieces of marijuana-related legislation to pass the state Senate and House was SB 366, the Compassionate Care Act. However, because the governor of South Carolina wants to keep marijuana illegal, action on the bill is currently halted. In order to provide you with a general idea of what a medical marijuana program in South Carolina would entail, this guide summarizes the provisions of SB 366.

Find a South Carolina Medical Cannabis Doctor

SB 366 mandated that prospective MMJ patients could only work with a physician with whom they have a legitimate doctor-patient relationship. Additionally, a three-hour continuing medical education course on medical cannabis that has been approved by the department is required of doctors. Within a year of writing their first certification or before issuing 16 certificates, doctors must finish this course. MMJCardOnline helps medical cannabis applicants connect with quality medical marijuana doctors in their area. To get a jump start on the process, complete the submission box at the top of this page.


Book an Online Consultation

Patients must make an appointment after finding a SC medical marijuana doctor. The doctor will inquire about the patient’s health during this consultation and may also conduct a physical exam before they are able to provide a written certification for the MMJ card applicant.

Patients must attend a follow-up appointment no later than six months from the date of the written certification, and the doctor must develop a treatment plan.


Create an Online Account with the Official South Carolina Medical Marijuana Platform

After acquiring a doctor’s written certification, MMJ patients will need to submit their official application online. Applicants will have to wait for the department to decide whether they are eligible. In most states, approval typically takes place within two weeks.


Visit a South Carolina Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If they are approved, South Carolina MMJ patients would likely receive their medical cannabis card via email. At this point, they would be eligible to start visiting South Carolina licensed dispensaries and buying medical marijuana within the state.

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How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in South Carolina
- A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Find a medical cannabis doctor in South Carolina. MMJCardOnline facilitates connections between medicinal marijuana patients and top local physicians who can provide MMJ evaluations and recommendations. Complete the submission form at the top of this page to get the process started!
  • Schedule an online consultation. Before issuing a written certification for the MMJ card applicant, the doctor must chat with the patient about their health and may even perform a physical examination. If approved, the doctor must create a treatment plan no later than six months from the written certification’s issue date.
  • Create an online profile. Patients using medical marijuana in South Carolina must submit their official application online after obtaining a written certification from their physician. Candidates must wait for the department to determine their eligibility.
  • Visit a South Carolina medical marijuana dispensary. South Carolina MMJ patients would probably get their medicinal cannabis card through email if they are approved. They would then be able to travel to South Carolina’s authorized dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana.

Medical Cannabis in South Carolina: Patient Qualifying Conditions

An applicant must meet the following conditions in order to qualify for a SC medicinal marijuana card under the Compassionate Care Act:

  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Inflammatory colitis
  • Severe nausea unrelated to pregnancy (associated with receiving end-of-life hospice care or if the patient is bedridden as a result of a medical condition
  • Wasting syndrome (cachexia)
  • Any long-term medical illness, such as MS that causes severe and recurrent muscle spasms
  • Any terminal condition

In accordance with SB 366, a person is also qualified if they suffer from a serious or ongoing illness or medical condition for which an opioid is being used or may be recommended by a physician “based on generally accepted standards of care.”

Additional Guidelines for Medical Cannabis in South Carolina

Caregiver Rules

According to the proposed legislation, MMJ users would be permitted to employ a designated caregiver. Unless they are the parent or guardian of each qualifying patient they assist, a caregiver must be 21 or older. Although there are few exceptions, SB 366 limits the number of patients that a caregiver can care for in South Carolina.

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in South Carolina

The application procedure outlined above would probably be the same for a medical marijuana card renewal in South Carolina. The only difference is that, in order to obtain a formal certification, patients may have to schedule a visit with a different physician. They would then need to fill out an application for a renewal. (In South Carolina, MMJ cards will likely be good for a year).

A Brief History of Cannabis in South Carolina

Historically, one of the states with the strongest prohibitions against marijuana has been South Carolina. The drug is currently prohibited for both medical and recreational use, and the state has not yet decriminalized it.

In fact, Senate Bill 1035, often known as “Julian’s Law,” was the only piece of cannabis-related legislation to become a law. This was back in 2014. SB 1035 permits people with severe epilepsy to own and consume CBD products containing a minimum of 15% CBD and a maximum THC content of 0.9%.

In January 2017, the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act was presented to the SC House, and in January 2019, House Bill 3660 and Senate Bill 366 (updated versions of this law) were proposed. South Carolina will only launch an MMJ program once the Compassionate Care Act is approved (it has been stagnant for years). It seems clear that SC residents will need to wait until 2024 at least before lawmakers decide to push medical marijuana through.

Surveys suggest that over 70% of South Carolina citizens support the legalization of marijuana, but the movement has stagnated with little sign of things changing.

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Laws

Not only is marijuana prohibited in SC, but the state’s law enforcement also moves swiftly to apprehend violators. The number of marijuana-related arrests in South Carolina is among the highest in the nation.

Because marijuana is still illegal in the state, having any amount of it is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail. You might serve a year in jail if you commit a second crime. Any amount of marijuana cultivation or sale is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

People who want to use marijuana for medical purposes must therefore wait until an official SC MMJ program is established. Remember, the information in this article is for a prospective MMJ program in the state.

What Kind of Medical Cannabis Products Can I Purchase in SC?

The options available to MMJ patients are not specified in the bill. However, it seems that marijuana flowers will be acceptable. Additionally, SB 366 mentions a THC limit of 10mg for edibles. However, despite the fact that the Act may permit flower, it also declares that smoking marijuana will be prohibited and punishable by a $150 fine.

How Much Medical Cannabis Can I Buy & Possess?

According to SB 366, South Carolina medical cannabis patients will be able to buy up to 2 oz of cannabis over the course of a 14-day period.

Where Can I Legally Purchase MMJ in South Carolina?

The Compassionate Care Act claims that the state’s medical cannabis division will issue one MMJ dispensary license for every 20 pharmacies that have an active permit in the state of South Carolina.

Can I Take My Medical Cannabis to a Different State Outside South Carolina?

There is currently no information on whether or not approved medical cannabis patients will be able to take their meds outside South Carolina to different states.

Can I Grow Marijuana in South Carolina with an MMJ Card?

It is unlikely that the South Carolina medical cannabis bill if passed into law, will contain provisions that allow for home cultivation.

Applying for an MMJ Card in South Carolina

How Long Does It Take to Get a Medical Card in South Carolina?

SB 366 says the department that issues MMJ ID cards will do say within 25 days of receiving a patient application. This includes applications from either a designated caregiver or a qualified patient.

What if my South Carolina MMJ physician doesn't approve me?

There is currently no information on what happens if a patient’s application is not approved. However, if the South Carolina program is like most other states, a patient will likely have to wait a year before they can apply again.

How much does a medical card in South Carolina cost?

There is currently no information on how much the application process will cost.

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