How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card (State-By-State Guide)


    In most U.S. states with medical marijuana programs, patients need to renew their medicinal marijuana card every year. There are, of course, states with slightly different rules and regulations regarding renewing medical marijuana cards.

    We’ll discuss this in more detail in this comprehensive state-by-state guide about how to renew your medical marijuana card.

    Why it is Beneficial to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Early

    Why is it so vitally important to renew your medical marijuana card early every year? In a nutshell, to maintain continuous access to medical marijuana so that you can manage the symptoms of your condition. Yes, it is that important!

    The last thing you want to happen as a MMJ patient is to have your card expire, so it is vital that you renew your medical marijuana card early to prevent that from happening.


    Furthermore, medical card holders have some really nice advantages over recreational users in almost every state. While they differ per state, some of the most common benefits include:

    Priority Access at Dispensaries

    At the dispensary, medical cardholders frequently receive priority over recreational consumers. In some states, during times of short supply, MMJ patients are given priority access to the dispensary’s remaining products.

    Skip the Lines at Dispensaries

    Depending on the dispensary’s location and time of day, lines can stretch out the door, resulting in potentially long waiting times. However, with a medical marijuana card, consumers in some states are given preferential treatment and allowed to skip the queue ahead of recreational customers.

    Potential Tax Breaks

    In most places where recreational marijuana is allowed, sales and excise taxes on medical marijuana are often reduced or eliminated. In some states, the lower tax burden might result in potentially large savings for MMJ cardholders for every transaction.

    Access to Higher Potency Products

    A MMJ card allows you to purchase some higher-potency cannabis products. For example, adult-use edibles are typically limited to 10 mg of THC per dose in most states. However, medical marijuana patients can purchase edibles containing 20 mg or more.

    Higher Purchase and Possession Limits

    In most recreational states, medicinal marijuana patients are permitted to possess twice as much (or more) cannabis as recreational users. In California, for example, medical cannabis patients can buy up to 8 ounces of marijuana flower, but recreational buyers can only buy one ounce.

    Maintaining Continuity of Care and Treatment

    As mentioned, renewing your medical marijuana card before it expires allows you to maintain access to cannabis products. If you fail to renew your medical marijuana card in time and it expires, you will have to wait until you have been re-certified by a registered healthcare practitioner before you can legally purchase MMJ at a dispensary. This delay could, of course, cause you unnecessary pain and suffering. Therefore, it is extremely important to renew your medical marijuana card early to prevent this from happening.

    The Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Process

    Typical Renewal Timeline

    Medical marijuana cardholders in most states are required to renew their cards every year. The renewal process can be lengthy when you use the traditional route, which is why state-run programs often contact patients between 30 to 60 days before their card expires.


    A MMJ patient should plan ahead of time and begin the renewal process sooner rather than later to prevent their medical marijuana card from expiring. That said, with MMJCardOnline, you can renew your medical marijuana card in minutes and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

    Gathering Supporting Documentation

    Patients must once again get their supporting documents in order when renewing their medical marijuana card for another year. Supporting documents include:

    • A valid government-issued ID
    • A current state driver’s license
    • Proof of residency, e.g., a recent utility bill
    • Medical records which show that the qualifying condition that the patient is using medicinal marijuana for is still being treated

    Scheduling a Doctor’s Appointment

    Patients must schedule another consultation with a licensed physician after gathering their supporting documents. The physician will once again review the patient’s medical history to determine whether medicinal marijuana is still a viable therapy option for their condition. If the physician determines that medical marijuana is still required, they will issue a renewal certification.

    Registering with the State’s Online Patient Portal

    To complete the renewal process in most states, a patient must renew via the state’s online patient portal after receiving their renewal certification from their doctor. This usually entails submitting a copy of the renewal certification, paying the renewal fee, and amending any personal information that has changed.

    How to Renew Your MMJ Card: State-by-State

    The renewal process varies in each state, but we have condensed all of the info into this   to summarize it for you.

    Hopefully, these changes are sufficient to go ahead with the table in its current form.

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    StateHow often do you need to renew?Doctor’s Evaluation Required?State Body in charge of MMJ Registration and RenewalsCost of Renewal
    AKEvery yearYesMedical Marijuana Registry – State of AlaskaEvaluation cost + $20.00
    AREvery yearYesArkansas Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
    AZEvery two yearsYesArizona Department of Health ServicesEvaluation cost + $150.00
    CAEvery yearYesDepartment of Cannabis ControlEvaluation cost + up to $100.00
    COEvery yearYesColorado Department of Public Health & EnvironmentEvaluation cost + $29.50
    CTEvery yearYesConnecticut State Department of Consumer ProtectionEvaluation cost + $100.00
    DCEvery yearYesAlcoholic Beverage Regulation AdministrationEvaluation cost + $100.00
    DEEvery yearYesDelaware Health and Social ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
    FLEvery 210 days(follow ups are usually around six months)YesFlorida Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $75.00
    GAEvery two yearsYesGA Access to Medical Cannabis CommissionEvaluation cost + $25.00
    HIEvery yearYesState of Hawaii Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $38.50 for a one-year card, $77.00 for a two-year card
    IAEvery yearYesThe Office of Medical CannabidiolEvaluation cost + $25.00
    ILEvery yearYesIllinois Department of Public HealthEvaluation cost + $100/one-year, $200/two-year, $250/three-year
    LAEvery yearYesLouisiana Department of HealthEvaluation cost + free state registration
    MAEvery 3 yearsYesCannabis Control CommissionEvaluation cost + free state registration
    MDEvery 6 yearsYesMaryland Medical Cannabis CommissionEvaluation cost + $25.00
    MEEvery yearYesOffice of Cannabis PolicyEvaluation cost + free state registration
    MIEvery 3 yearsYesMichigan Medical Marijuana ProgramEvaluation cost + $40.00
    MNEvery yearYesMinnesota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $200.00
    MOEvery three yearsYesMissouri Department of Health & Senior ServicesEvaluation cost + $25.00
    MSEvery yearYesMississippi State Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $25.00
    MTEvery yearYesCannabis Control DivisionEvaluation cost + $20.00
    NDEvery yearYesNorth Dakota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
    NHEvery yearYesNew Hampshire Department of Health & Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
    NJEvery 2 years, but renewals are annualYesNew Jersey Division of Medical CannabisEvaluation cost + $100.00
    NMEvery 3 yearsYesNew Mexico Department of HealthEvaluation cost + free state registration
    NVEvery yearYesNevada Department of Health and Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $50.00
    NYEvery yearYesNew York Office of Cannabis ManagementEvaluation cost + free stage registration
    OHEvery yearYesMedical Marijuana Control ProgramEvaluation cost + $50.00
    OKEvery two yearsYesOklahoma Medical Marijuana AuthorityEvaluation cost + $100.00
    OREvery yearYesOregon Health AuthorityEvaluation cost + $200.00
    PAEvery yearYesPennsylvania Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
    RIEvery yearYesRhode Island Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $50.00
    SDEvery yearYesSouth Dakota Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $75.00
    TXN/AYesTexas Department of Public SafetyN/A
    UTEvery six monthsYesUtah Department of Health & Human ServicesEvaluation cost + $15.00
    VAEvery yearYesVirginia Board of PharmacyEvaluation cost + $50.00
    VTEvery yearYesVermont Cannabis Control BoardEvaluation cost + $50.00
    WAEvery yearYesWashington Department of HealthEvaluation cost + $90.00
    WVEvery yearYesOffice of Medical CannabisEvaluation cost + $50.00

    How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

    Advantages of Online Renewal

    Renewing a medical marijuana card online has various advantages versus in-person renewal. For starters, when you renew your medical marijuana card with MMJCardOnline, you can complete the renewal process from the convenience of your home. This removes the need for travel and cuts down on potentially lengthy waiting times.

    Furthermore, online renewals are considerably faster than in-person sessions, allowing patients to receive their renewed medical marijuana card sooner. 

    Additionally, MMJCardOnline provides a straightforward renewal process. The entire process is simplified, which minimizes the possibility of errors with renewal applications.

    Finally, MMJCardOnline provides exceptional customer support, offering access to extra resources, such as educational materials and support services.

    Use MMJCardOnline for a Hassle-Free Online Renewal Process

    Why choose MMJCardOnline to renew your medical marijuana card? We provide a hassle-free online renewal process. MMJCardOnline can quickly put you in touch with a licensed physician in your state who can re-certify you in a matter of minutes. 

    You don’t need to spend hours of your valuable time trying to locate a doctor in your state or scheduling an appointment. MMJCardOnline can expedite the process for you so that you get re-certified quickly and stress-free.

    Step-by-step Guide for Renewing Through MMJCardOnline

    With MMJCardOnline, renewing your medical marijuana card is easy and takes only a few minutes. 

    1. Log into your online account and click on the renewal option.
    2. MMJCardOnline will search for an available physician in your state and then connect you with them.
    3. You can finish the online renewal evaluation in minutes, or you can take as much time as you need to ask any questions that you might have.
    4. The cost of renewing your medical card with MMJCardOnline is the same as what you paid when getting certified as a new MMJ patient.
    5. Once you have been re-certified for another year, you can continue to legally access medical marijuana in your state.

    Why Get Your MMJ Card With MMJCardOnline?

    Easy and secure online process

    You can schedule your consultation whenever you want. We are available every day, and our partners can be reached using your phone, tablet, or computer at a time that suits your busy schedule.

    Rapid results and same-day buying

    When you renew your medical marijuana card with MMJCardOnline, you get your doctor’s decision in minutes. Furthermore, many states allow you to visit a dispensary and purchase medical cannabis as soon as you receive your digital recommendation. 

    Security and privacy

    We respect your privacy. Records are always kept confidential and in accordance with HIPAA laws. Payments are processed using secure internet processors, so you can rest assured that your privacy and security are protected with MMJCardOnline.


    Whether you don’t want others to know your business or are concerned about the stigma associated with cannabis use, you need not worry. Your online virtual appointment is private to you and the licensed physician who evaluates you.

    Convenience and Affordability

    Why spend hours booking appointments and managing registration processes? Our partners can do all of the extra work for you, all for 30-50% less than similar services. 

    Exceptional Customer Support

    MMJCardOnline is committed to providing outstanding customer service and support. We can answer any questions you may have concerning the renewal process. We are always developing our system in order to provide a more streamlined and stress-free experience for our customers.

    Navigating Medical Marijuana Laws and Regulations

    The Importance of Staying Informed

    The legal landscape regarding marijuana use in the U.S. is continually shifting, with different states implementing varying degrees of legalization, decriminalization, and regulation. It is critical to stay knowledgeable about marijuana laws in order to ensure compliance and prevent potential legal problems.

    Tips for Complying with State-Specific Rules

    Complying with state-specific marijuana laws can be a complicated and ever-changing process. Here are a couple of tips that can help you stay informed and in compliance with the law:

    Familiarize yourself with legislation in your state: Do your research and find out about the exact rules and regulations governing marijuana use in your state. This includes finding out about medical marijuana laws in your state regarding purchasing and possession limits.


    Keep up to date: Stay informed about any changes or updates to marijuana laws and regulations in your state. This includes adjustments to possession limits, how much you can purchase at a state-licensed dispensary or other new regulations.

    Where to Find Reliable Information on Medical Cannabis Laws

    There are various trustworthy sources for information about cannabis regulations in the United States. Here are a few ideas:

    The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) keeps track of cannabis laws in each state, including medical and recreational marijuana laws, decriminalization, and CBD-specific legislation.

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is an advocacy organization that provides marijuana law information, news, and legal resources.

    Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) – Another advocacy group that provides information on cannabis laws, policy developments, and legal resources is the MPP.

    State government websites – The official government website of each state may contain information about cannabis laws and regulations pertaining to that state.

    Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) – The DPA is an advocacy organization that focuses on drug policy change, particularly marijuana regulations and provides marijuana law and related information.

    It’s crucial to note that cannabis laws can change over time so be sure to check with reputable sources, such as official state websites, for the latest up-to-date rules and regulations.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    When do medical marijuana cards expire?

    In most states, medical marijuana cards expire after one year. However, in some states, an MMJ card can be valid for two to three years, although you need to get re-certified by a doctor every year.

    How long is the physician’s recommendation valid?

    Your physician’s recommendation generally is valid for one year, but again, some states have different rules. Therefore, it is advisable to visit your state’s official medical marijuana program website to know for sure.

    What happens if I don’t renew my medical card?

    Unless you live in a U.S. state that has legalized recreational adult use, when a patient’s medical card expires, they can no longer purchase medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary.

    What are the requirements for renewal?

    Renewing your medical marijuana card involves scheduling an online consultation with a licensed physician and getting re-certified for another year. Most states require supporting documents like the ones you provided when you signed up as a new patient. You need a valid ID and proof of residency, and a written recommendation from the physician to renew your medical marijuana card for another year.

    What are the fees involved in renewing my med card?

    Fees vary by state but include a doctor’s consultation fee and a renewal fee in most states. 

    Do I need to update any information to renew my MMJ card?

    You only have to update your information if your circumstances have recently changed, for example, if you’ve moved and have a new address, or you need to update your contact details because you have a new phone number or email address.

    Tips for a Smooth Renewal Process

    Planning Ahead

    When renewing your medical marijuana card, it is vital to plan ahead. In most states, you must renew your card at least 30 days before it expires. As a result, it is critical to mark your calendar and make a reminder for yourself to begin the renewal process as early as possible. By waiting until the last minute, your card might expire before you have completed the renewal process, therefore delaying your access to medical marijuana.

    Ensuring all documentation is accurate and up-to-date

    Before you begin the renewal procedure, double-check that all of your documentation is current. This includes your medical records, confirmation of your address, and any other documentation that your state may require. If your documentation is outdated, the renewal procedure may be delayed, or your renewal may be denied.

    To avoid problems with your renewal, make sure your medical documents accurately represent your current medical condition, and your proof of residency is up to date. Furthermore, be certain that any other documentation required by your state is in order.

    Seeking help from support services when needed

    You can obtain support and information from different services to answer your questions. For example, online resources such as patient advocacy groups and customer support teams. These services can provide a lot of information regarding the renewal process, such as the most recent laws and regulations, application tips, and assistance in locating a competent healthcare provider.


    We hope that you found this comprehensive state-by-state guide helpful and informative, and remember, MMJCardOnline is here to help you with any questions that you may have.

    After reading this guide, we hope you realize why it is so important to renew your medical marijuana card early. For the record, timely renewal is critical to ensuring continuous access to medical cannabis and avoiding any potential legal issues.

    Remember to keep up to date with the current rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana use by visiting your state’s official program website.

    Please note that the information provided in this guide on how to renew your medical marijuana card is for educational purposes only and, therefore, should not be regarded as a substitute for professional legal or medical advice. For professional advice regarding specific medicinal marijuana matters, speak with an attorney or a medical practitioner.

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