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    The number of people applying for medical marijuana cards around the country is increasing rapidly as laws begin to get relaxed in certain states. As the traditional method of receiving an MMJ is becoming outmoded, dozens of companies are jumping on the online 420 evaluation bandwagon. These services offer doctor consultations, digital approval and the ability to find dispensaries online.

    With so many companies vying for supremacy in a multi-billion market that continues to grow apace, the bar is set extremely high. Does Heally meet the mark or is it destined to languish behind its rivals?

    Who is Heally?

    Heally is based in Southern California and has offices in San Diego, San Mateo, Davis and West Hollywood. It offers fast MMJ card approval in the state of California and has now expanded to include New York. Frustratingly, there is little in the way of information regarding the company’s formation.

    What is the Heally Process Like?

    To survive in the new MMJ online evaluation niche, you have to rapid, and Heally certainly meets this criterion. If you live in California, you receive the following for a flat fee of $50:

    • Begin by signing up and fill in the online form. The next step is to begin an online consultation with a California Board-approved physician. He/she will discuss your medical condition with you and decide if you’re entitled to an MMJ card. There is no waiting period as the doctor will be with you as soon as you complete the form. They are available seven days a week from 9 am to 10 pm.
    • The doctor will immediately decide if you are eligible for an MMJ card. If you are, you’ll receive a digital copy immediately which you can use to purchase your marijuana. Heally also sends you a hard copy which you should receive within a couple of days.

    Heally now offers New York residents the chance to receive an online evaluation for an MMJ card in the state. It is a bit more expensive at $200, but it is well worth it for anyone who finds it hard to get a medical marijuana card in New York.

    After approval, the certification gets uploaded onto your portal, and you can order your card by logging into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program website. Again, it takes much longer than in California; expect to wait up to 10 days for the card to arrive in the mail. Once you have the card, you must carry it with you to any medical pharmacy when looking to purchase medical marijuana.

    It is also necessary to make an appointment once you get the card to collect your package after placing the order successfully. It is a drawn-out process, but that is due to New York State law and is not Heally’s fault. The paperwork is valid for a year in California and New York. After the time has elapsed, you can renew your MMJ card, and Heally sends you reminders long before the deadline.

    Does Heally Have an Online Store?

    Unfortunately no, and that is what could hold it back when compared to better-known enterprises such as Nugg. The website is fairly basic and is mainly comprised of details on how to apply for your MMJ card along with some help FAQs and up to date health news.

    The blog is a very good idea as it could help Heally’s SEO standing, so we don’t know why it is seldom updated. There was a spate of activity in the first quarter of 2017, and then it suddenly stopped. The latest entry is over three months old, and there have only been three entries in the last six months.

    It would behoove Heally to hire a talented writer to kick-start the blog as it will make a big difference to the site’s authenticity. If it can’t compete with the likes of Nugg MD in terms of finance, it can make up for the shortfall by hitting readers with knowledge bombs. The site does a good job of pointing out the different conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use but there is so much more it could add.

    Is Heally Safe to Use?

    Yes! All information shared on Heally’s online platform is 100% confidential. Only you and the doctor you speak to are aware of the data, and your records are kept in Heally’s secure system which is HIPAA compliant. This means your health insurer and employer will know nothing about your application nor will any third party.

    Although it is a relatively new company with limited reach and resources, Heally’s existing customers are extremely happy with the service. Rather than having to wait for hours in an unhygienic waiting room, it is possible to use Heally’s site to receive MMJ card approval within minutes.

    Final Thoughts on Heally

    With a presence across four major locations in California, Heally is far from being a small fry in the 420 evaluation industry. The fact that it offers a service to New York residents is also a positive step forward.

    We like that Heally provides a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of service with no hidden fees. You pay a flat fee and don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises. The doctors it uses are of the highest-quality and are certified within their respective states. The entire process is simple, painless and low cost.

    Of course, it isn’t all good news. While the 420 evaluation service it offers is on a par with many of its larger rivals, it could lose business because it doesn’t give patients the chance to purchase the marijuana online. As a result, patients may elect to choose another provider as they can receive their online MMJ card, purchase the marijuana and have it delivered to their door. Several companies also charge less. Overall, Heally is a solid company and deserves success, but we don’t know if it can compete with industry giants. 8/10

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