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    As of March 1, 2016, there were just over 1.2 million legal medical marijuana patients in the United States although California alone has over 750,000. There are a variety of ways to get your medical marijuana card (420 Evaluation), but it isn’t always easy or stress-free. One complaint about the process is the relative lack of reputable providers, but NuggMD vows to change all that.

    Who Is NuggMD?

    NuggMD is a San Francisco-based medical marijuana clinic that is looking to break all the rules with regards to medical marijuana 420 Evaluations. Instead of going through the laborious process of finding a 420 Evaluations center, getting parking and waiting in long queues, NuggMD allows you to complete the evaluation quickly and easily.

    The firm is also known as GetNugg, and it is a legitimate way to receive your medical marijuana card from the comfort of your home. That’s right; you can complete the dreaded 420 Evaluation online for as little as $39! At the time of writing, NuggMD has served over 25,000 patients in California alone, and the number is growing rapidly. In fact, New York residents can now use GetNugg.

    What is the NuggMD Process Like?

    The word we’re looking for is easy! We were a little bit shocked at how simple the entire process was. Remember, the 420 Evaluation is typically a stressful and irritating affair that ensures you’re in dire need of a smoke once you eventually get your medical marijuana card!

    Fortunately, NuggMD’s three-step process is a piece of cake and works as follows:

    1. Apply: Click on the ‘Get Started’ section and include your personal and medical details. This shouldn’t take you much more than 30 seconds. You also need to submit your documents online prior to your video chat. It is possible to send your paperwork at any time because the site allows you to do so 24/7.
    2. Evaluation: The next step is a video chat with a licensed medical professional who will speak with you. The onus is on you to schedule the chat, but the site’s specialists have flexible schedules so finding a free space isn’t a problem. In fact, they are available seven days a week from 8 am to 10 pm. The confidential consultation often only takes a few minutes and is seldom longer than 15 minutes. The doctors are extremely polite, respectful and easygoing, so it is a pleasant process.
    3. E-Delivery: The doctor should be able to give you a decision by the end of the consultation. If you receive good news, he/she will send you a PDF copy of the recommendation which remains valid for one year. At this stage, you’re free to print out the PDF form and use it in a dispensary or use it digitally to purchase medical marijuana online. This digital form is accepted by any Certified Medical Marijuana Dispensary in California (and now New York). You’ll receive your signed, official copy in the mail within three working days.

    The process costs $39, and you only pay if you’re approved.

    NuggMD = Speed Weed

    GetNugg has completely revolutionized the 420 Evaluation process, and other companies are trying to follow in their footsteps. However, for residents of California and New York, it is hard to imagine a faster, safer or better way to receive their medical marijuana card. It is incredible to think that you could get your hands on that precious piece of paper in a matter of minutes.

    Rather than having to wait until the official document comes in the mail, you can start shopping online as soon as you have the e-document. The GetNugg website allows you to search for dispensaries in your area. For example, if you live in Beverley Hills, you will see the following:

    As you can see, the page provides important details such as minimum spend, cost of delivery, delivery time, opening hours and customer ratings. There is also a cool search feature which allows you to narrow down your search.

    NuggMD = Speed Weed

    For example, we typed in ‘50mg CBD’ and found that Fast & Friendly sells tinctures and edibles with at least that amount of cannabidiol. You can even perform a comparison shop by checking out the prices of the same product at different dispensaries in your area. Finally, if you invite friends, you could receive $20 in credit to spend on the weed you want.

    Is NuggMD Safe?

    The simple answer is ‘yes’! The site is well protected so your details are safe and your consultation is private. Perhaps more importantly, all NuggMD doctors are licensed by the Medical Board of California (and now New York). We put them to the test and were impressed by their knowledge of the medicinal benefits of marijuana and the type of conditions that qualify.

    Furthermore, these expert physicians operate legally under the existing telehealth laws, and while they are friendly and helpful, they never take shortcuts. Don’t expect to receive your card if you’re not entitled to it!

    All personal information is kept safe and secure. NuggMD guarantees that your data is never shared with third parties nor will it be found on public record or a database. Finally, your official recommendation comes in a discreet package, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.

    Final Thoughts on NuggMD

    There is absolutely no doubt that NuggMD has completely changed the game with regards to 420 Evaluations. You can wave goodbye to those frustrating times when you had to drive across half the state to find a dispensary, only to be met with less than knowledgeable physicians in questionable locations.

    For just $39, you can rely on NuggMD to provide you with:

    • A one-year recommendation letter from a licensed California or New York physician.
    • Instant PDF copy & mailed copy of your card.
    • 24/7 online verification.
    • The ability to purchase marijuana quickly and easily.

    With excellent customer service, licensed medical professionals and a process so simple it is breathtaking, NuggMD is the gold standard in 420 Evaluations. 10/10

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