What Doctors Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana?


    If you are interested in using marijuana to treat a medical condition and don’t want to risk a run-in with the law, you will need a doctor’s recommendation first. No doctor can actually prescribe marijuana as a treatment, because it is still a federal offense to use marijuana. Doctors are unable to prescribe any drug which is ruled illegal by the government, but they can write you a recommendation.

    When you a have a recommendation, you purchase marijuana legally from a dispensary in any state which has legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Provided you use it responsibly to treat your medical condition and do not supply recreational users, you will be free from legal repercussions.

    You may be wondering which doctors can write you a recommendation and the short answer is that any of them can. Any doctor who is recognized by the state to practice cannabis as a medicine can write you a recommendation. In practice though, you might want to have a think about which MMJ doctor to visit.

    So Which Doctors Can Provide a Medical Recommendation

    Your usual doctor?

    This is a tricky one and depends on the state you live in.

    Any physician, living in a state that has approved prop 64, with a certificate from medical school can write you a medical marijuana recommendation and, yes, that includes your regular doctor who you normally go and see whenever you have a problem. Please note though that it is a recommendation and not a medical marijuana card.

    How much you actually might be willing to do this depends on what your doctor is like. If you are lucky, you might have a doctor who has stayed up to date with the recent breakthroughs into the multitude of medical benefits marijuana has been shown to have. If this is the case, then go for it. Your doctor should be your first choice for medical help after all.

    On the other hand, how can you possibly know your doctor’s attitude to cannabis? For the past 60 or so years, marijuana has had a propaganda war waged on it. The official stance of the US government, and almost every other country around the world, has been that marijuana rots minds and just one toke inevitably leads to heroin addiction and a life of crime. Blatantly, this is all codswallop, but that doesn’t mean the campaign against cannabis hasn’t worked.

    Unfortunately, it has had a big effect on the way marijuana is perceived, and your doctor may not be immune. It is quite likely that they will not be prepared to even entertain the thought of a still federally illegal drug being used as a medical treatment, especially if they are of the older generation. All in all, it could lead to a seriously awkward conversation that you may be best avoiding.

    Visit a 420 doctor clinic

    If you would prefer to avoid a chat with your doctor about cannabis, you are in luck. Since states began to legalize marijuana use for medical reasons, legitimate clinics have sprung up to help with exactly this problem. You can arrange an appointment with what’s called a 420 doctor. As you might be able to guess from the name, these guys are weed specialists. The whole reason these clinics exist is to see as many patients as possible and assess whether or not they could benefit from a medical marijuana recommendation. You could extol the medical benefits of marijuana to this doctor if you really wanted, but you would be preaching to the choir. They should know everything there is to know about using medical marijuana. Sounds great, huh? Well, there are a few drawbacks with these 420 clinics. These include:

    • A long journey: This may be required if your area only has a few 420 clinics, taking up your time just to get there.
    • Dodgy location: It is not uncommon for 420 clinics to be found in questionable locales, especially in Los Angeles. These neighborhoods may not be safe to walk through alone. If you are unsure, you should ask a local before setting off.
    • Long waiting times: 420 clinics often look to cut their costs by only actually having a couple of physicians working at any time. This means you may have to get nice and comfy while you wait your turn.
    • Rushed appointments: When you do finally get to see the physician, they will be very conscious of the number of people still waiting to be seen. This means they will race through consultations as quickly as they can, and possibly neglect to tell you everything you need. This consultation is your opportunity to discuss the use of medical marijuana with a qualified expert. You want to be able to spend all the time you feel you need with them.
    • Dodgy doctors: Just as the location of these clinics can be a bit suspect, so can the physician you see. Some of these clinics will hire anyone with a medical school certificate, regardless of their expertise or suitability. As we said in the previous point, this appointment is your chance to speak to an expert when you are at the start of your journey with medical marijuana. You want to feel confident when you leave that you know everything you need to.
    • Cost: If you do your research, you can avoid most of the above problems by using a reputable 420 clinic with a doctor with significant expertise. Guess what though – that is going to cost you. In fact, even if you go to a dodgy clinic, you will often be overcharged too.

    Online consultation with a MMJ Doctor

    Welcome to the 21st Century in medical marijuana recommendations! In exactly the same way you can now order a takeaway, a new wardrobe, or even a wife over the internet if you so choose, you can also get a medical marijuana recommendation. There are plenty of websites available which offer you the chance to have an appointment with a doctor who is an expert on the benefits of cannabis from the comfort of your own home. Simply log onto a website such as NuggMD and enter a few details about yourself and your condition. You will then be instantly put through to a friendly doctor waiting to help people just like you.

    You will have a short 20-30 minute chat about your condition and whether you are a suitable candidate for marijuana based treatment. If the doctor agrees, they will then outline the best way for you to begin using cannabis, including strains that work well for your conditions and what may be the best way to consume cannabis. If you have any questions, this is your opportunity to ask an expert. Ask anything at all – they want you to feel confident in using cannabis to help your condition.

    Once you have had your consultation, you will be taken to an online check out to pay for the appointment. If the physician decided you were not a suitable candidate for medical marijuana, you often won’t have to pay anything and your previously entered personal details will be destroyed. If the doctor has written you a recommendation, you will be emailed a copy immediately after your payment has been accepted and you can use this to purchase your cannabis straight away. Within a couple of days, you will also be sent a physical copy of your recommendation through the post. And that is it! It really is that quick and easy.


    Although any doctor can write you a medical marijuana recommendation, this doesn’t mean you should see just any doctor. It is far better to seek help and advice from one who is an expert in medical marijuana. This means having an appointment with a 420 doctor and, by far, the best option here is to use an online service like NuggMD. There is no stress, no possible problems and even no need to book ahead. Websites like NuggMD are here to help and make the whole process of gaining a medical marijuana recommendation as easy as possible and they are very good at it. So what are you waiting for? Find your website and have your consultation. You could be just half an hour away from feeling the healing benefits of cannabis.

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